Various surveys are hosted at this site. 

We appreciate your identification (name, class or school) at the end plus any comments.


On-line Five Percentage Table Survey.  This is a quick multiple-choice survey with immediate feedback on reading five simple tables involving percentages.  It includes three percentage tables with 100% margins plus two additional tables of percentages lacking 100% margins.


    A paper copy of this Five Percentage-Table Survey is available for use in class.  

    Teachers are encouraged to administer the paper copy in class. 

    Have students record answers on the paper copy and on Scantron forms (no names).

    Collect the Scantron forms and go over the correct answers in class. (Teacher should take the on-line survey first).

    Enter the Scantron data into an Excel spreadsheet and send it to

    This will allow the compilation of data for a wide variety of students. 


2002 Statistical Literacy Survey.  This multiple-choice survey was used to measure key aspects of statistical literacy involving the ability to read and interpret data presented in tables and graphs.  For a hard-copy of the survey,  see 2002StatLitSurvey.pdf.  For all the response data, see 2002StatLitSurveyData.xls.  For the summary results of the survey, see 2006SchieldIASSIST.pdf.  For the highlights and an evaluation of these results, see 2006SchieldICOTS.pdf.


2003 Quantitative Literacy Survey.  This longer multiple-choice survey has five parts.  In process.