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This page introduces numeracy and numeracy-related topics such as quantitative literacy and quantitative reasoning.  Peter Homes (pictured above) noted that numeracy was first used by the British.

The various flavors of Numeracy include:

  •   Lynn Steen: Co-founder of NNN, written extensively on need for quantitative literacy in higher education.  

  •   Adult Numeracy: part of Adult Basic Education.

  •   Numeracy Books: books that focus primarily on numbers and their graphical representation.

  •   Q/L Resources:  Those books and related articles that supported the development of quantitative literacy.

  •   Q/L Textbooks:  College textbooks that focus on Quantitative Reasoning and Quantitative Literacy.

  •   NNN's Numeracy: Content of the NNN's peer-reviewed journal: Numeracy.

Flavors of Numeracy


Adult Numeracy


Q/L Resources

Q/L Textbooks

Nat.Numeracy Net


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